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How do I turn on Automatic Updates in QuickBooks Desktop version

You can follow the steps below to turn on automatic updates:

From the Help, select the Update QuickBooks Desktop.

  • On the Update QuickBooks window, select the Options tab.
  • Select the Yes radio button to turn on automatic updates.
  • Click Close.

QuickBooks will now download the update when it’s released.

For additional information about updating QBDT:



How do I transfer my QuickBooks company file to another computer

Here are three steps to follow:

  1. Back up your company file.
  2. Install QuickBooks on the other computer.
  3. Restore the backup in QuickBooks on the other computer.

Here’s the link to the QuickBooks helpful article related to Move your company files to another computer:



QuickBooks Desktop: Build an inventory product from other inventory items

Learn how to use inventory assembly items to build and track your finished goods. You can do this in QuickBooks Desktop Premier, Enterprise, or Accountant versions. You can’t do this QuickBooks Pro version.

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How do I create Closing Date Exception Report in QuickBooks Desktop

The Closing Date Exception Report in QuickBooks Desktop shows all transactions that were first recorded or modified after that date was established.
To run this report (and set closing date), click on the Reports menu on top > select Accountant & Taxes and choose Closing Date Exception Report.


How to reorder the columns on Invoice template

  1. Select “Templates” from the “Lists” menu on top.
  2. Choose your template from the displayed list. (Optional: right click and select “New” if you want to create a new template).
  3. Click the Invoice template.
  4. Click the “Additional Customization” option.
  5. Click the “Columns” tab.
  6. Change the “Order” values to match your preference.
  7. Save changes.
Sales Forms Customization

The best way to learn QuickBooks – open a sample file and take a test drive

From your open company file:
Select the File menu at the top, select Open or Restore Company.
Select Open a company file radio button, then select Next.
From the Open a company window, select Cancel.
On the “No Company Open” window, select “Open a Sample File” from the drop-down arrow.
Create a portable copy using the sample company file and save it on your Desktop.
You can take a test-drive from a sample company file.

To switch back to your own company file again:
From the File menu, select Open Previous Company menu, then select your company file.

This is how you go and back forth to learn QuickBooks Desktop on your own without never messing up your own books.


Balance Sheet and General Ledger do not show the same account balance for Retained Earnings