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Conversion Error From QBO TO QuickBooks Desktop – QuickBooks already has a company file open…

You have now reached a very critical stage in conversion to QuickBooks desktop process. Even if you’ve followed all the steps, you can’t pass this final stage in the desktop.

Please give this a try if you’re getting the following error:
The “Convert Now” button (it fails at step 4) stage and get the error from QuickBooks Pro Desktop: “QuickBooks already has a company file open…”

All these steps are probably not necessary, but it’s what worked in some test.

1. Open a Sample company, select a Services-based sample company

2. Close the company and go back to the No Company Open screen

3. Click the menu bar Help –> Activate QuickBooks Desktop (this may need to do this but did it anyway)

4. Click the Activate button

5. Close the “We just need to verify your identity to activate” browser window, return to the No Company Open screen

6. BIG HOPE!!! Start the conversion process again with QBO. Again, hopefully, it will work with no error message!

Good luck!