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QuickBooks 2017 – QuickBooks Desktop for Beginners (Video Tutorials)

QuickBooks Desktop 2017 – New Feature Demo Tour (3:31 mins)

QuickBooks Desktop Pro Premier for Beginners – Learn How to Use QuickBooks The Right Way (1 hour, 5 mins)

QuickBooks Desktop Pro Premier for Beginners – perfect video for business with inventory tracking (55 mins)

QuickBooks Desktop Pro Premier for Beginners – learn how to use QuickBooks bank feeds (30 mins)

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I am transferring QuickBooks desktop software to a new computer and need to use my online backup to update my data

If you would like to use the Online backup to restore the file to the new computer it would be best to restore the backup on the computer where you initially set-up the Online backup.

  1. Open Intuit Data Protect and click Restore from Backup.
  2. Select the date and time of the backup you want to restore, then select the file(s) and click Continue.
  3. Choose the location for the restored file and click Restore.

Once you have the backup on your desktop, you can save or copy this to a USB or external hard drive. Paste the backup on the new computer and restore it from their.


We need to reset the password on QuickBooks desktop software, and we need to know how to go about this.

If you’re the QuickBooks administrator and have forgotten your password, or your QuickBooks administrator is no longer with your company and you don’t know the password, you can reset it using the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset tool.
Click here for instructions.